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Here are some reviews from my Etsy store which you can also find at the link here if you'd like! 

*Purchasing directly from my shop is always preferential due to Etsy's selling fees. Thank you for supporting a small business!


Banana Slug Sticker

"The coolest sticker I have ever bought"

-Shannon, Etsy

Bell Bag Masks.jpg

"absolutely wonderful! fits perfectly & is exactly as photographed. i couldn’t recommend this more!!"

-Sam, Etsy

Keychain Accessory.png

This keychain is so cute and a great size! Sometimes acrylic charms suffer from being too big and weighing keys down or otherwise making them bulky. I love that this one is cute, sturdy, and well-sized.

-Katya, Etsy

Bell bag face mask

junimo acrylic charm keychain

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